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Director of Nursing

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Retirement Housing Foundation
California, United States
11 days ago


RHF has an opening for a Director of Nursing at Auburn Ravine Terrace, located in Auburn, California.  This is a 59-bed skilled nursing facility.


POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Nursing (DON) leads the facility clinical team to fulfill the organization’s mission, vision and values.  This position has overall accountability for providing leadership, direction, and administration of day-to-day operations associated with direct patient care activities, nursing practice, and clinical education and development, including continuous improvement of nursing services and staff to meet patients/residents and their families’ needs and expectations. The DON communicates a shared vision for clinical excellence and ensures the realization of high quality and cost effective health care services that are consistent with Retirement Housing Foundation evidence-based practices and policies, regulatory and other legal requirements, and philosophies.  This position is responsible for driving, supporting, and modeling a service-oriented culture focused on top of license practice, inter-professional collaboration, employee engagement, quality, patient safety, service excellence, fiscal responsibility, and the overall patient/resident experience.  The DON collaborates with the facility Executive Director/Administrator and facility Leadership Team to drive business excellence, including strategic planning, budget preparation, and effective oversight of resource utilization.


Staff Excellence

Fosters an environment in which each nursing team member practices to the top of her/his license, certification and/or skill set and role;

Builds and fosters trusting, collaborative relationships between and with staff, peers, other disciplines/professionals and ancillary services;

Provides an environment conducive to opinion-sharing and engages nursing team members in decision-making reflecting a shared governance model of leadership;

Assures effective recruitment, interview processes, hiring, on-boarding, and orientation for all nursing team members;

Assesses and appraises nursing team members’ engagement and strengths, supports each nursing team member’s development of career plans and coaches nursing team members in their professional development;

Creates an environment that recognizes and values diversity;

Develops, collaborates with and supervises the Nurse Practice Educator to assure her/his effective, ongoing development of nursing practice and engagement through education, training and frontline coaching;

Assures that Personnel policies and procedures are implemented consistently and correctly;

Applies corrective discipline and/or coaching when needed to mitigate workforce performance and behavior issues;

Collaborates with the Executive Director/Administrator to develop, implement, evaluate and update People Plans.

Clinical Excellence

Maintains a working knowledge of current clinical practice and the regulatory requirements affecting that practice and exhibits the value of continuous learning;

Determines the workforce/staffing model for the nursing department necessary to meet the nursing needs of the patients;

Oversees implementation and evaluation of the staffing model to assure high quality, cost- effective care;

Implements, evaluates and develops an effective nursing practice model to meet the needs of diverse patient populations;

Collaborates and coordinates with other departments and professionals to provide timely, safe and effective care consistent with individuals’ needs, choices and preferences;

Ensures there are safe, coordinated and thorough admission and discharge planning processes in place;

Organizes and leads effective clinical meetings, rounds, shift to shift communication and huddles to assure effective patient/resident outcomes;

Contributes to a learning organization culture through ongoing professional development and support of nursing staff to pursue continuous professional development.

Customer Excellence

Creates a culture of Service Excellence which focuses on the patient experience, and is responsive to patients/families concerns and grievances;

Models effective patient/resident and family-centered communication and coaches staff in service-oriented communication;

Provides service recovery directly when needed and directs/coaches team members in service recovery for dissatisfied customers;

Ensures that patient's attending physician and family or responsible party are promptly notified of any significant change in the patient's health condition;

Fosters professional relationships with community, regulators/surveyors, payors, and referral sources;

Actively develops relationships and strategies for collaboration with hospitals/health systems and home health/hospice and community providers to promote value based care delivery.

Business Excellence

Contributes to creating an environment that has a reputation for high ethical standards;

Implements the QAPI process assure quality, safety and efficiency in clinical outcomes;

Collaborates with the Executive Director/Administrator to develop, allocate and control the budget for the Department of Nursing Services;

Collaborates actively in the facility business planning process;

Conducts periodic organizational assessments to identify nursing management succession planning issues and establish action plans;

Provides oversight and approves nursing department schedules to include position control and pay practices;

Collaborates with Executive Director/Administrator to identify nursing care equipment/supplies required to meet the needs of the patients and assures that adequate supplies are available;

Implements and assures adherence to the organization’s policies and procedures;

Participates in safety trainings and activities required by RHF and/or federal and state guidelines;

Performs other duties as requested.


Works with the Executive Director/Administrator to develop, allocate and control the budget for the Department of Nursing Services;

Actively participates in the center’s business planning process;

Manages staffing:

1.  Determines the staffing needs of the Nursing department necessary to meet the nursing needs of the patients;

2.  Recruits, interviews, hires, on-boards, and orients professional nursing staff;

3.  Provides oversight and approves nursing department schedules to include positon control and pay practices;

4.  Reviews and evaluates the performance of nursing staff as well as counsels staff according to established company personnel policy;

5.  Provides direction to nurse management regarding Individual Performance Improvement Plans, problem resolution, and disciplinary actions;

6.  Recommends and facilitates employee promotions, transfers, and terminations;

7.  Proactively participates in labor relations activities;

Collaborates and coordinates with other departments to provide timely effective care consistent with individuals’ needs, choices and preferences;

Ensures there is a safe, coordinated and thorough discharge planning process in place;

Fosters a strong partnership between the medical staff and the department of nursing;

Makes recommendations to the Executive Director/Administrator regarding nursing care equipment/supplies required to meet the needs of the patients and assures that adequate supplies are available;

Promotes a culture of safety to ensure a healthy practice and living environment;

Plans and facilitates meetings to address patient care, survey and/or standards of care issues;

Participates in facility meetings such as Utilization Management, Customer at Risk, Quality Improvement, etc. as needed;

Enhances nursing practice by attending all mandated in-service programs and other RHF and outside professional education programs;

Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) at all times;

Maintains professional relationships with community, payors, and referral sources;

Assumes administrative responsibilities of the facility for weekend and holiday coverage as requested;

Stays and works beyond scheduled shift if needed to meet state staffing requirements and/or needs of patients.


Complies with and promotes adherence to applicable legal requirements, standards, policies and procedures including but not limited those within the Compliance and Ethics Program, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal False Claims Act and HIPAA.

  1. Provides leadership and support for the Compliance and Ethics Program within management area.
  2. Ensures timely and accurate reporting and responses to compliance-related issues and monitors the implementation of corrective action plans related to such issues.
  3. Ensures that staff participates in orientation and training programs including but not limited to all required compliance courses and relevant policies and procedures, and that such training is properly documented. Participates in compliance and other required training programs.
  4. Provides open lines of communication regarding compliance issues within management area and access to the Compliance Hotline and ensures that retaliation against staff who report suspected incidences of non-compliance does not occur. Promptly reports concerns and suspected incidences of non- compliance to supervisor, Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer via the Compliance Hotline.
  5. Participates in monitoring and auditing activities and investigations, and implementing quality assurance and performance improvement processes, as required.
  6. Completes performance reviews and determines compensation and promotions based on the accomplishment of established standards that promote adherence to compliance and quality standards.

Clinical Leadership

  1. Effectively plans, organizes, directs and implements a comprehensive facility-wide nursing program;
  2. Create an environment in which professional and personal growth is an expectation;
  3. Use computerized management systems to record administrative data (billing data, quality assurance data, workload data, etc.);
  4. Provides nursing leadership in order to meet the goals of the RHF organization and the individual facility;
  5. Creates an environment that is respectful, team oriented and responsive to the concerns of staff, patients and families;
  6. Completes daily rounds on the units to observe patients and to determine if nursing needs are being met;
  7. Provides patient care when required;
  8. Monitors nursing care to ensure positive clinical outcomes;
  9. Ensures myUnity is utilized according to the business processes;
  10. Communicates on a formal basis with staff on all shifts through routine staff meetings;
  11. Ensures a process is in place for communication between licensed nursing staff and CNAs during and between shifts;
  12. Ensures a process is in place to provide shift-to-shift communication between incoming and outgoing nursing staff;
  13. Ensures timely and accurate compliance of the MDS process and that it reflects the patient's plan of care;
  14. Reviews prospective admissions in relation to existing nursing capabilities and ensures readiness to treat;
  15. Ensures that patient's attending physician and family or responsible party are promptly notified of any significant change in the patient's health condition;
  16. Care about people as individuals and demonstrate empathy and concern while ensuring that organizational goals and objectives are met;
  17. Support a non-punitive reporting environment and a reward system for reporting unsafe practices;
  18. Understand and articulate organization’s payer mix, CMI and benchmark database;
  19. Explain and utilize metrics as a unit of measure for any process;
  20. Develop systems which encourage/require prompt reporting of potential liability by staff at all levels.


Ensures education, training, and competency validation is completed per RHF policies and state/federal regulations;

Promotes professional development and career opportunities for nursing staff;

Ensures nursing staff are trained in infection control procedures to protect staff, patients, and families.

Quality Improvement

  1. Employs a strong Quality Improvement (QI) process for the nursing department and participates on the QI Committee;
  2. Ensures that the patients’ Care Plans are implemented and periodically reviewed and modified as necessary;
  3. Ensures that Physician Orders are followed as prescribed;
  4. Monitors re-hospitalizations to identify trends and areas in need of improvement;
  5. Ensures that patient’s accident/incident, adverse event and grievances/concerns are fully documented, investigated, reported, and addressed in accordance with RHF policies and procedures along with state/federal rules and regulations.


Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, college or university with a current registered nurse licensure by the State Board of Nursing.

A minimum of five years full-time or equivalent clinical experience with at least two years’ experience in nursing supervision/supervisory experience in the long-term care setting preferred (will consider supervisory experience outside of skilled nursing).

BSN preferred.

This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs.

Must provide verification of TST (tuberculin skin test) as required by state law and in accordance with Company policy. TSTs will be administered at the work site if required.

Maintains current BLS/CPR certification (All SNFs and Behavioral Centers; ALFs/ILFs as required by state).

Job Skills

Demonstrates leadership, organizational and critical thinking skills.

Strong interpersonal skills.

Excellent management skills.

Knowledge of computer use.

Ability to create a patient-centered environment.

Knowledgeable of RHF policies and procedures, MDS process, state nurse practice acts, and state and federal regulations.

Performs Related Duties

Interacts with customers, residents, families, visitors, facility, and Retirement Housing Foundation subsidiary personnel.

Carries out other tasks as requested in situations where hands-on intervention/ participation may be required.

If a job offer is made, your employment will start after a successful completion of a drug test, references, criminal check, and other background screens as deemed necessary.  Please note, the drug test must be completed within three (3) business days of job offer.  If the above pre-employment requirements are not successfully met, the job offer will be withdrawn.

Please visit our website at for additional company information.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 57807311
  • Location:
    California, United States
  • Position Title: Director of Nursing
  • Company Name: Retirement Housing Foundation
  • Job Function: Director of Nursing (DON)
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate
  • Min Experience: 3-5 Years
  • Required Travel: 0-10%
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